Latinos are the largest racial and ethnic group in the United States, comprising more than 60 million people. Yet, researchers know comparatively little about the information Latinos consume online, and how it shapes their political attitudes and beliefs. This limits the ability for multiple stakeholders — ranging from the academic community to national nonprofits to local community organizations — to understand this diverse and politically important group.

At this virtual event, scholars shared new research from CSMaP's Bilingual Election Monitor project, which paired survey responses and digital trace data to study Latino online media consumption and belief in misinformation narratives.

Following the presentation, DDIA Executive Director Roberta Braga joined a group of experts from civil society and community groups to discuss the challenges our current digital media ecosystem presents for understanding and engaging Latino communities in politics.

Research Presentation (30 minutes) -

  • Marisa Abrajano - Professor, University of California, San Diego

  • Jonathan Nagler - Co-Director, NYU’s Center for Social Media and Politics

Panel Discussion (45 minutes) -

  • Roberta Braga - Founder & Executive Director, Digital Democracy Institute of the Americas

  • Norberto Briceño - Social Media Director, Voto Latino

  • Evelyn Pérez-Verdía - Founder, We Are Más; 2024 Information Futures Lab Visiting Fellow, Brown University

  • Laura Zommer - Co-Founder & CEO, Factchequeado

  • Zeve Sanderson - Executive Director, NYU's Center for Social Media and Politics (moderator)