Digital Democracy Institute of the Americas (DDIA)

The Digital Democracy Institute of the Americas (DDIA) is bringing together insights and actors across the Western Hemisphere to shape a more participatory, inclusive, and resilient digital democracy.

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About Us
DDIA – operated by and for Latinos and Latin Americans – is a hub for research and interventions geared at strengthening trust and connection between communities and democracy. In an era of tech solutions to tech problems, we center the human experience in research, capacity-building and policy solutions that contribute to healthy information ecosystems necessary for vibrant digital democracies.
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Our Work
DDIA is using every tool in our toolbox (public opinion research, narrative analysis, testing, capacity building and policy) to help Latinos live a healthy digital life. We do so by fostering research and an exchange of ideas across disciplines, leaders, and countries; by guiding interventions that serve our communities in the U.S. and across the Americas; and by centering Latinos and Latin Americans in policy conversations about the future of the digital information ecosystem.
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Research and Analysis
DDIA uses narrative analysis, open source investigations, public opinion research, and information-sharing between disciplines across the Americas to deepen understanding of Latinos and information landscapes in the US and Latin America.
Reports and Publications
DDIA reports and publications contribute to the development of a set of theories on what is unique to Latinos and Latin Americans when it comes to information disorder online.
DDIA is working to strengthen a healthier internet by applying research to practical solutions and interventions that reflect and serve the needs of Latino communities.
DDIA is centering U.S. Latino and Latin American voices in policy conversations about the future of the digital information ecosystem.
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Are you working to strengthen a healthy Internet for democracy? Do you want to learn more about narratives circulating in Latino spaces online? Have an interest in U.S. Latinos or Latin America and where the two intersect? Are you a policymaker working on tech policy?

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