Roberta Braga, DDIA Founder and Executive Director, spoke at a public roundtable discussion at Concordia Americas. The session explored innovative strategies aimed at fostering a rule of law that harmonizes security and human rights, ensuring a more equitable, stable, and just future for the region.

As defined by Concordia, the concept of the rule of law in Latin America is experiencing a significant evolution, with tensions between security and human rights, shaping the region’s reimagining of this fundamental principle.

These tensions represent complex challenges as governments seek to balance the imperative of ensuring citizen security with safeguarding human rights and due process. In this context, the region is undergoing a critical examination of its legal and judicial systems, with a focus on strengthening accountability, transparency, and justice due to a pressing need to address issues such as human trafficking and organized crime, which further underscores the complexity of the situation.

Additionally, the region faces the urgent challenge of confronting crises like the fentanyl epidemic sweeping across the Western Hemisphere countries, adding another layer of complexity to the region's efforts to balance security and human rights within the framework of the rule of law.

Within these efforts, technology and AI play a crucial role as they present both challenges and opportunities to protect democracy."

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