On May 9, Roberta Braga, Founder and Executive Director of DDIA, joined a panel of creators and influencers as part of "The New News: How Creators Are Redefining the Media Landscape," hosted by The Hub Project.

The group discussed the shifting media landscape and the opportunity for creators to bring quality news to their audiences, since so many online readers are now opting for creators as trusted messengers in the information consumption space online.

TRENDINGUP: Creating for a Cause, sponsored by The Hub Project, Way to Win, and Future Forward USA Action, was a first-of-its-kind convening of social media creators who are interested in leveraging their platforms for social good.

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The conference brought over 100 creators from across the country to Washington, DC, from May 8-10, to collaborate and learn with each other, non-profits, and advocacy organizations.

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