NEWS: Elon Musk is Platforming Far-right Activists in Brazil, Defying Court Order, by Vittoria Elliott, published by Wired (Available Here)

This article discusses Elon Musk’s interference within Brazil’s political system through the replatforming of previously banned far-right politicians. According to Nina Santos, an expert interviewed for this article, “It's not about Twitter or Brazil. It's about a strategy from the global far right to overcome democracies and democratic institutions around the world.” This analysis provides a bigger picture of how Musk’s actions appear to threaten democratic processes, and may serve as a warning sign for elections this year. 

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ANALYSIS: Beyond Social Media Analogues, by Gregory M. Dickinson, published in Arxiv (Available Here

In this analysis, the legal scholar Gregory Dickinson argues that we are now in an important era, one where our society is reworking its relationship with technology. Part of that process is playing out legally at the Supreme Court which is currently trying to find a balance, through a host of cases, of how to nurture a vibrant digital public square. Dickinson argues that social media’s distinct features make it unsuitable for analogy or comparison to older technologies; instead, the courts should “shift their attention toward crafting legal doctrines targeted to address social media’s unique ills.”