ANALYSIS: Las 6 Claves de Factchequeado Sobre Desinformación en Español para Este Año Electoral 2024

[Factchequeado's 6 Keys to Disinformation in Spanish for This 2024 Election Year], published by Factchequeado (Available Here)

This article, published in Spanish, talks about the six points that could be relevant in the 2024 U.S. presidential elections for Spanish speakers. The top point is the role that AI will play in generating fake images, videos, and voice content. Other areas of concern include WhatsApp, disinformation designed in Spanish and its resurgence on X, as well as the return of previously debunked narratives and the heavy influence of former President Trump's legal proceedings on the election process. 

ANALYSIS: Elon Musk is Up in Arms Against Brazil's Most Polarizing Supreme Court Justice, by Sergio Spagnuolo, published in Nucleo (Available Here)

This article discusses an escalating feud between Elon Musk, CTO and owner of X, and Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes. On Sunday, the Justice initiated an investigation after Musk defied the Brazilian judicial system’s demand to suspend and restrict certain accounts linked to far-right groups that disseminate election denial narratives. According to the article, alongside the investigation into Musk and X, Brazilian authorities are now looking into measures to regulate social networks to curb abuses and limit the spread of disinformation. 

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RESEARCH: Inside the Election Denial Groups Planning to Disrupt November, by David Gilbert, published in Wired (Available Here

A new investigation by Wired examines a coordinated effort by groups linked to former President Trump and the Republican National Committee to mobilize their supporters. Their effort, according to the article, centers around the false claim that elections have been, and will continue to be, rigged in favor of Democratic candidates. Aiming to have a major impact on the 2024 election, they intend to use a national playbook centered on this strategy at the hyperlocal level, in conjunction with new AI software that the author believes would “supercharge the spread of election conspiracies.”

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