NEWS: Who Won TelevisaUnivision's Super Bowl Broadcast? The Ads That Invited the Whole Familia, by Luz Corona and Colin Daniels, published in AdWeek (Available Here)

"Historically, when targeting the Latinx market, ads have been dubbed in Spanish over the original English-language ad. For Super Bowl 58, brands like Starbucks, AT&T and Total by Verizon wanted to dig deeper for their moment on the biggest stage in advertising. The game-winning ads on the TelevisaUnivision broadcast of Super Bowl 58 focused on the themes of the multi-generational household and Spanglish dialogue, two crucial aspects of Hispanic and Latinx culture."

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NEWS: Russia Is Boosting Calls for ‘Civil War’ Over Texas Border Crisis, by David Gilbert, published in WIRED Magazine (Available Here)

WIRED’s David Gilbert reports on state-led efforts to exacerbate tensions over the Texas border crisis, revealing how Russian actors are employing disinformation, fake accounts, and bots to pose as Texas separatists, reminiscent of tactics seen in 2016.

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RESEARCH: Context, Contact, and Misinformation about Socially Marginalized Groups in the United States, by Marisa Abrajano, Nazita Lajevardi, and Laura Uribe, published in the Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (Available Here)

Three researchers from UC San Diego and Michigan State University teamed up to study how context influences individuals’ misinformation about socially marginalized groups. Using three original surveys, they found that individuals who reported more contact with a diverse group of individuals were significantly less likely to be misinformed. In addition, they also discovered that contrary to the popular belief that where one lives is a strong determinant of racial attitudes, partisan and racial context did not meaningfully shape misinformation.

NEWS: Jair Bolsonaro Surrenders Passport in Coup Attempt Investigation, by Constance Malleret, published in the Guardian (Available Here)

Authorities in Brazil have seized the passport of Brazil’s former president Jair Bolsonaro as part of an investigation into his role in a coup attempt on January 8, 2023. Police raids on February 8, 2024 targeted military officers and high-profile members of his administration who are believed to have assisted him in efforts to overthrow the government.

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