On the sidelines of Cumbre Latina, the Digital Democracy Institute of the Americas (DDIA) offered participants a deep dive into disinformation trends, their impacts on Latino subgroups, and what can be done to address information disorder affecting Latino communities. The session featured a briefing of DDIA's most recent public opinion research, a hands-on training, and a partner case study. Participants walked away with:

  • A basic understanding of how to employ a break-out scale to understand when to engage with false information and when to use strategic silence;

  • Knowledge of broad disinformation trends impacting Latinos in the U.S., and;

  • An idea of how research can be translated into practical solutions for countering disinformation and misinformation.

Watch the highlight reel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qeD23JcxJy4aD0t3IJmhG5OKsvo2uqB5/view